Brilliant, vibrant and durable Thread colors

Available thread colors

Below is a full list of available thread colors for your embroidery and monogram projects. These thread colors are very vibrant, and the material is made to be durable and long lasting.  A few features and benefits of the threads we use include: 

    • Made from High Tenacity, super bright trilobal polyester
    • Superior colorfastness over rayon
    • Can be used for all embroidery applications
    • Superior sewability, which means fewer thread breaks
    • Excellent stitch formation and appearance.

Please keep in mind that you are viewing these thread colors on a computer screen and the colors may not be exact due to different screen/monitor types. We have extensive experience selecting the proper shade to coordinate with your item. If you have any doubt, let’s connect directly to ensure we are choosing the perfect color

Download the Available thread colors chart