FAQs about monogramming and embriodery

Our workshop is in Raymond, NH.  Local clients are welcome to come directly to us and local retailers can avail themselves of our free pickup and delivery services.  Many of the stores and individuals we work with choose to ship or drop ship product to us.


A highly unique aspect of our business is our willingness to embroider CUSTOMER’S OWN MERCHANDISE.  Unlike most embroidery shops, you do not have to purchase product from us in order to have your logo or design stitched onto it.  This gives you tremendous flexibility and control in determining the quality and cost of the final product.


Of course, if you want us to provide product we are happy to work with you to source those items that will fit your needs.

Applique is the process of using fabric as portions of the embroidery design and attaching the fabric to the product with some type of outline stitch.  This technique can bring additional color and texture into the design while significantly lessening the number of stitches that go into the design.

Embroidery is a process in which thread is stitched into fabric to create custom lettering or designs.  Its purpose can be purely esthetic, highly functional or a combination of both.  Our commercial embroidery machines are the industries best, our design software highly sophisticated, and our knowledge of fabrics extensive. 

This is undoubtedly the most common question we get, and the answer is almost always “anything”.  If you can get a needle through the item, we can embroider it.

Any ‘soft goods’ – meaning any type of cloth or fabric such as wool, linen, cotton, canvas, etc. can be embroidered.   Our workshop is home to many types of hoops and clamping devices that enable us to embroider a vast array of items of various sizes and thicknesses.  Saddle pads, Christmas stockings, the pocket of a dress shirt (without stitching the pocket closed…are common items stitched in our shop.

Items that we cannot embroider usually have a solid, hard frame, like luggage, which cannot be fitted to the machine.  If you have any doubt, please call, text, or email us. You might be surprised by what we can work with.

A monogram is a person’s initials;  it may be one, two, three, or more initials configured is a manner to suit taste and function.  It is a great way to personalize your shirt, handkerchief, napkins, towels, tote bags, or bed linens.

If you are using initials all the same size, then the initials are placed in regular name order:  First, Middle, Last initial.

If you are creating a traditional monogram, the last initial is placed in center position and is larger in size than the first and middle initials.  The most common order of initials for a married couple is to put HER initial in the first positions, the shared LAST NAME initial large in the center of the monogram, and HIS initial in the final position.

But rules are meant to be broken.  Many women do not assume a new last name when married, and many people have hyphenated last names.  Any configuration that makes sense to you can be designed.

Our prices are based on the size and complexity of the design  Quotes are gladly provided, but as a point of reference, our least expensive design on a shirt might be $10.00.

It is our goal to never have a product stay in the workroom longer than one week.  Many jobs are turned around in a day or so.  Jobs that require complex digitizing may take more time, and the time of year can affect turnover.  We always prize quality over speed, but we also strive to satisfy rush orders.

The most common thread we use in our embroidery process is a polyester thread (Super-Brite by Robison Anton.)  The thread is strong and durable and has a nice sheen.  We stock all 460 colors as well as many specialty threads including glow-in-the-dark, fire retardant thread, and threads with a matte finish (preferred by many decorators.)

Yes, you can wash the embroidery.  Do not use chlorine bleach, and do not iron with a hot iron.  Handled with minimum care, your embroidery should be vibrant for many years.  The embroidery often outlasts the item on which it is sewn

We have endless ideas!  That’s the fun part.  We love projects where we are able to explore creatively with our clients and bring concepts to life.


Recently we worked with an interior designer and duplicated elements from wallpaper and embroidered them onto guest towels.  Gorgeous and unique.


Embroidery is not just for monograms and business logos!  We have done some beautiful custom beach towels, unique throw pillows, even a custom towel set that reproduced the client’s hand written signature.


Children’s artwork is a fabulous resource for a special project.  Stitch it onto kitchen towels, or a tote bag, or on a sweatshirt the child can proudly wear.


If you can think it, we can reproduce it.

We specialize in digitizing, which means we have the capacity to translate a two dimensional image into stitches.  In order to create a design, we need high resolution artwork.  The better the artwork, the better the outcome.  Upload your design on our contact page to get the process started.

The cost of preparing an image for stitch will depend on the size and complexity of the design.  The set-up fee is a one-time expense and after the design is created, you pay only the standard embroidery fee per garment.

Embroidery digitizing is specific to the fabric characteristics.  If the garment changes dramatically (sweatshirt as opposed to hats, for example) or if the embroidery application requires a much different size, then there will be an additional charge to edit the design.

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